Digital archiving – (7)

3.5 INCH DATA DISCS – our last opportunity to read them – a few MIDI files copied but most of the rest are truly obsolete – the related equipment, applications, and certainly the required operating systems are all since long gone.
Our Dell tower with Windows’95, completely independent totally-off-line workhorse for Cubase and virtual instruments, is being retired (see ‘piano transition‘ series).


Notably the 3.5″ disc (2.0MB with the “high density version) played a significant role in the mid 1990’s. Our first taste of a digital selfie came via the Sony “Mavica” camera and the photo saved to a 1.4MB disc (right of photo above).

Note also the obsolete version of “Logic“for windows ’95 – what is now an Apple DAW product, was made in Germany by emagic; four of these discs (so, max 8MB) held the entire thing! 2019 version is 1.45GB.