Projects pages


Firstly, our blog section does not allow full width page images, which are sometimes useful. Linking to these project pages from blog entries provides that capabilty.


So, our first project page is linked from the the Montreux project “digital archiving blog “- beginning with the Montreux Jazz Digital Project which is interesting and fascinating in itself, but also stimulating and educational in terms of running our own digital archiving process.

The second project page is dedicated to our own Digital Archiving Project – see the overview framework.

We are archiving both analog audio recordings from the 1960’s and 1970’s and analog video recordings of the 1990’s – and continuing with the archiving of our most recent work which, although entirely digital, faces the issues of storage and back-up on a quite large scale, as well as the evolution of storage technology and video formats.

Since 2009, marcomathieumedia has accumulated some 25 TB of storage – highly susceptible to media support failure, damage, theft, and inaccessibility due to inadequate indexing – most of the same problems associated with the Montreux project even though the scale is incomparable. We have a “chalet”, we do not have a “bunker” – though we do have most back-up discs stored in a local bank safe!

à suivre – continuing updates on the archiving project through our blogs.
In the meantime, please enjoy Montreux Jazz Festival, best of 2016 – a 1080p HD video well-deserving a full-width page – but even better on a large screen via YouTube:

Note: Montreux has created a complete series of  50 years of Live Music, a retrospective – see the full 5o years  playlist here, 1967-2016.