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LTO digital tape (LTO = Linear Tape-Open) is an open standards data cartridge format. Introduced in 2000 with 100GB cartridge, in 2015 it can hold 6.0 TB in same physical size.  Cheaper and more reliable than hard discs – shelf life much longer.

DSC00821Graphics by the Montreux Digital Project, Photos (taken at the Montreux project display) and English translations by marcomathieumedia.

2017 Digital Project EPFL process update: (EPFL high resolution image)


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When the Music is Good (from website of Kirell Benzi)
The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the most famous music festivals in the world. Starting with Jazz, it has progressively expanded to other genres of music and as always attracted world-class performers such as Queen, BB King, Prince, or Santana. This network shows with whom musicians of the festival play with, revealing two different categories of artists. At the border of the ring, we have the artists who only perform with their band, forming many disconnected communities. On the opposite, those who jam with everyone, the stars of the festival, are well-connected and are naturally located in the center of the ring. One of the brightest stars was George Duke, the champion of appearances at the festival with 53 concerts. In the center in orange, he faces the legendary guitarist Santana in purple.