This video was prepared for an exhibition in Geneva, and for the Lutheran Church website.  Designed to create awareness of the Lutheran church of Geneva, its characteristics, its worship style, and its community.

color graphics designed by Filipa de Chassey, aerial footage by, video capture and post-production by marcomathieumedia, content direction by the pastor: Rev. Andy Willis, vocals: choir of the church, trombone: Philip Ilten, organ: Regine Kummer, drums: Andrew Donaldson, euphonium: Koko Taylor, percussion: Allison Evans, Wendy Donaldson and Colette Bouka-Coula, piano and musical direction: Terry MacArthur. Music to the psalm ‘The Lord is my shepherd’ by Heinz Werner Zimmermann; used with permission from Augsberg Fortress. ‘When we lift our pack and go: words by Shirley Erena Murray, music by Ian Render. ‘Wade in the water’ and ‘Soon and very soon’ African-American spirituals.