Keyboard update 2018-19

Existing set-up dates from the late 1990’s since when keyboards with internal piano sounds have become amazing. VST engines might still have the edge, but a completely self-contained engine and keyboard bed without need of a separate computer and MIDI interfaces could make practice sessions more spontaneous.

— Nord series of keyboards – you know those red-colored ones(!) Nord has an extensive library of sampled pianos and which is available on-line for Nord customers. Nord include an organ engine and provide draw bars for its use – thus we consider replacing our B3 (or VST B4).
– Here the Nord stage 3 official demo.

— We look at the Roland Roland RD-2000 with good piano sounds and very nice weighted keys. Excellent comparison Nord – Roland here:

— However, the Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano has one of the best-feel hammer keys and also good sounds. These are the three on our test list.

Many more demo links in the sidebar; decision is not easy!

However – there is an alternative, as suggested in our introduction – moving from our old PC tower, CuBase and VST to a MacBook and stand-alone Piano software (requiring no VST host) and keeping the RD-600 keybed which is not so bad after comparing its feel with others.
Follow progress on this conversion . .