Montreux Jazz Festival

DSC00844Montreux Jazz Festival holds a special place in our passions and activities – its origins are Jazz, its growth, success and reputation are amazing; and the ambiance created along the most beautiful Riviera coast is very special.
We could have chosen the Paleo festival in Nyon which is almost as old, or the more recent Caribana close by, or the Cully festival which is the earliest in the year (March).
But Montreux for some deep, yet undefinable, reason is by far our choice.

All these posts are available in the blog section as are many posts covering the fabulous “Montreux Digital” project with the EPFL – they can be accessed under the category of “Digital archiving“.

Montreux Jazz Festival posts are:

2016 – 50th edition

2017 – 51st edition

2018 – 52nd edition

2019 – 53rd edition

2020 – 54th ‘silent shores’ edition

2021 – 55th ‘fingers crossed’ edition

2022 – 56th ‘heatwave’ edition

2023- 57th ‘??’ edition