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Presenting the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) alongside the HP2116, our HP9825 with our own designed and built P82. [index] [all posts] [full page project overview]

Part three -P82 revival Part four -P82 techy details Part zero -P82 physical build


Our Apollo era project now adds a 1-meter high model Saturn V / Apollo space craft used to understand and show the key “flight” aspects to the moon and back.

Comparative images.


Overview of project and matrix of completed videos. Examples . . .

RAMP construction, ARENA visit, Overall 1:30 scale working MODEL, REVAMP ramp GREEN arena.


Montreux digital project — videos and the archiving project technical details.

Includes visit to the Haut-de-Caux Chalet


Overhead keyboard plus video space see details of this keyboard video method.

See artwork details within the Montreux archiving project.s