Overview of project and matrix of completed videos. Examples . . .

RAMP construction, ARENA visit, Overall 1:30 scale working MODEL, REVAMP ramp GREEN arena.


Presenting the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) alongside the HP2116, our HP9825 with our own designed and built P82.

Part three – revival Part four – techy details
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Montreux digital project — videos and the archiving project technical details.

Includes visit to the Haut-de-Caux Chalet


Overhead keyboard plus video space see details of this keyboard video method.

See artwork details within the Montreux archiving project.s

What’s coming? Find out more on this link.

Our Apollo era project, focuses on the Apollo Guidance Computer, the HP216 computer and our own “P82”. The project now acquired a 1m high model of the Saturn V rocket.

The model is from Lego, does that mean the moon will soon be inhabited by little Lego people?