Video is our passion

ProcessTimelinemarcomathieumedia is active in the video process from CAPTURE through all steps of  POST-PRODUCTION since 2009 — to showcase the passion of those we video.

marcomathieumedia plans a video shoot, uses multi-camera and multi-microphone techniques, creatively edits & assembles, and also provides solutions for on-line presentation or distribution of the completed results.

DSC02755 marcomathieumedia brings video images into a “contained environment” – adding value to the images by telling their story.

. . . media — capturing and sharing the passion !


AUDIO is important – listen to how we feel about that

Our passion for video feeds across all our activities.

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We are BIG fans of Montreux Jazz Festival and the Montreux Jazz Digital Poject.

Favourite musical instrument is the piano, and we are crazy about the Hammond B-3