Website development (3)

In February 2016, we developed a new website for the 250th anniversary of the Lutheran Church building – a listed structure, protected as part of Geneva’s patrimonial heritage.
The goal was to showcase the building itself, to bring out its remarkable history, to announce events throughout the year, and to present recordings (photos, videos, articles, press, etc).

The site was to be tri-lingual (French, German, English) and to make space for large high resolution photos, slide shows and video presentations in high definition (including some in 4k). Visually, the site is bright and spacious. It has received good feedback and is a pleasure for showcasing photos and videos. Continue reading

Website Development (2)

marcomathieumedia changed its site theme to: ‘visual‘  (a theme released in 2013).

After trying ‘piano black‘ (previous ‘website development’ blog) we quite happily remained with ‘sundance‘, enjoying the fresh, open, uncluttered feel, with large on-site video screens when preferred, and smaller ones along with a quite discreet side bar. Wonderful.

However, the desire to have a black background to our images remained ever present. ‘Visual‘ was discovered by accident while building a site for another project. It did not match the total needs of that other project, but the more we experimented with ‘visual‘, the more we liked it. Continue reading