Digital archiving – (2)

AUDIO QUARTER INCH TAPE (analog-digital)


Legacy tape drives are shown here, and are all in working order, so first steps of preservation as digital versions can be undertaken. Then information surrounding the recordings can be gathered such as photographs or press articles – to augment interest value in the absence of imagery within the media itself.

16 or 24 bit WAV files are produced as the new “Master” with appropriate editing of start and end points or fades if the original is abrupt or damaged.
These Masters are stored on hard disc drives with back-ups.
For search purposes and presentation on websites, an MP3 version is exported.

T200 1

Revox A700 2-track with the Hammond tone-wheel T-200 Below the A700 is the 736 in a sloping housing. To the right is a Thorens vinyl record deck with a 9″ S.M.E. tone arm and a Shure V15-II cartridge if I remember well ! To the right of all that is a “Charlin” electrostatic loudspeaker.


Revox 736 4-track: 3.75 and 7.5 “/sec


Teac A3440 4 channel: 7.5 and 15 “/sec


Revox A700 2-track : 3.75, 7.5 and 15 “/sec