Small choir as for Sunday worship, medium sized choir as the ‘projektchor’, to the largest choir of this series singing the Estonian Mass in the cathedral.

We have difficulty with lighting conditions particularly so at the Lutheran Church – less so in the cathedral where they have installed quite powerful overhead lights above the choir.

Our latest recording is of the 2016 Advent concert – Joseph Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass“. This time we rented two identical Sony cameras with 1” sensors, wider angle lens, and supposedly better low-light performance for our sanctuary. The result was that the cameras still operated at close to maximum gain, but with improved background image noise levels – when viewed at FHD the result is quite smooth – albeit still rather dark.
We really do have to get some lights !

One additional microphone pair (Neumans) has now been added to our inventory; so 3 pairs into our 6-channel DR-680.  As a result we used 2 pairs for the choir and orchestra, one pair shared between the four vocal soloists.