Choral – ELCG

Mendelssohn –  Cantate:  choir, soprano, and 4-piece string ensemble

J.S.Bach Christmas Oratorio – three sections (I, V, VI) – soloists, choir and orchestra

Mozart – “Regina coeli” KV 127 – soprano, choir and orchestra

Pergloesi –  Psaume 112 “Laudate Pueri” pour soprano solo, choeur et orchestre

Durante  – Magnificat en si b – pour solistes, choeur et orchestra

Bach – Motette choir and soloists

Haydn – “Lord Nelson” Mass – soloists, choir and 8-piece orchestra

Tore W. Aas – Lamb of God: from ‘Mass Credo’ – visiting choir

Japanese choir – 10th anniversary presentation of Geneva Japanese choir

Tech talk about lighting:
This church presents quite difficult lighting conditions, better when the sun shines, but artificial lighting is inadequate for winter and evenings.
For our recording of the 2016 Advent concert – Joseph Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass” we rented two identical Sony cameras with 1″ sensors, wider angle lens, and supposedly better low-light performance. The result was that the cameras still operated at close to maximum gain, although with improved background image noise levels – when viewed at FHD the result is quite smooth – albeit still rather dark.
We had better success with some temporary lighting installed in the organ gallery (16 halogen spots) or a Japanese concert in September 2017; and even better as we used 24 halogen spots for the Christmas Oratorium, 2018.

As a result of the need to live-stream worship services each Sunday, we have been motivated to install powerfull LED arrays on each side balcony rail, reflecting light down from the high ceiling.  Four 50 watt arrays each providing an incredible 8000 lumens, and they do not get hot, so are quite safe. So this is the very good news for our lighting headaches.