Cadet Force 3

Note to viewers — Cadet Force is a film animation based on cloning images built up from old photos. First release of CadetForce2 was end September 2022. Cadet Force 3 introduced March 2023 includes “Stable & Armoury” plus “Cloning Operation”, highly fictional ‘Secrets of The Keep’. Please leave comments in the comments section of this website – looking forward to hearing from you – thanks!

Music is from Bensound, Purple Planet, and Videvo
Inspiration and barracks photos for CadetForce3 are from Bryan Steele.

Context: Our school cadet force remained strong even following the end of British national military service. We would use the Kempston barracks facility for parades and such, hence it has been a good exercise to reconstruct images to fit all these clones from that era ! Our own 1960’s photos were usable only to view the outline of the buildings, so big thanks to Bryan for recent photos, and links to historical ones, which have enabled this final product.