Montreux Jazz Digital Project

For marcomathieumedia there are two major attractions of the Montreux Jazz Festival:
1: awesome jazz and 2: the amazing digital archive project.


  • Jazz usually at its very best in the main concert halls, plus a great ambiance along the Montreux riviera for 2 weeks – with outdoor stages, street musicians, and jazz clubs.
  • The Montreux Jazz Digital Project – working with the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne) to revive, safeguard, and make accessible, the incredible audio/video archives of the festival since 1967. This was a major project for Claude Nobs, the archives are preserved in carefully controlled conditions near his chalet at Caux, above Montreux.  A digitized copy now exists within the EPFL – but that is only the beginning.  More details here at montreux-jazz-digital-project

Our full size project images page is here

Details of this fascinating project are available from EPFL documents, including this 2013 brochure as a PDF.
On the EPFL website there is a 2010 video overview of the planned project (see side bar)
and also an interactive discovery video 800 songs 1967 onward – worth more than just a visit for sure ! Lots of associated material: images, hashtags, links, etc.
As of November 2016 the “Montreux Heritage Lab2” at the EPFL will allow access to the archives. Follow their site to check the schedule. Also check out our visit to the EPFL and the Heritage Lab.

50 years of accumulating recordings, but now progress at the archive project is fast – much material is already digitized, catalogued, and clearly presented for on-line search.  See one sample embedded below, but more importantly sign up for free at Montreux Jazz Live to browse and view so much material (video, audio, photographs, documents) – a great privilege.

Here are temporary links to Montreux Jazz, from which we will create a special page.:
2013 best of Montreux, special Claude Nobs (
50 years playlist retrospective – year by year, 1967-2016 !! (
Swiss television archives 2013 – Français: ( plus RTS photos: (à%20Claude%20Nobs&image=4648174)
Direct link to single video on Montreux Jazz Live (this example is Monty Alexander: (
Direct link to Ella Fitzgerald, Montreux 1969: ( the old Casino which burned down (Smoke on the Water, Deep Purple 1972) in 1971 – note the smoke in the crowd!
Une fête en hommage de Montreux (pas en hommage à CN!)
Simply Red, Montreux 2016: (
And here is the link to “10 million views” – a link provided by the official Montreux xxxx site – uploads from many sources in a single listing: (