AMR (association for the encouragement of improvised music) organises each year a summer festival in the “Parc des Cropettes” in Geneva, and in-house events at their “Sud des Alpes” facility.
We also recognise the collaboration of “Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie” – Musiques & danses du monde.

marcomathieumedia had the good fortune to hear many concerts supported by these two associations and to record some of them:
1. Enormous thanks to Sylvain and Koko for introducing us to the “Ernest Platini Quartet“, and to “Le Grupetto” as well as to their own duo ‘NPQ’.
2. Much gratitude to Jackson Wahengo for allowing us to follow he and his band around Geneva with our cameras to open air concerts and house gigs.

More recently, we have recorded at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique et Danse – in the third basement  is a 150 seat concert space where we made a recording session with Evaristo Pérez and his jazz trio – this has been a remarkable experience and indeed a privilege.