In June 2017 we recorded at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique et Danse – in the third basement is a 160 seat concert space where we made a recording session with Evaristo Pérez and his jazz trio. (see our post).

Four studio video recordings from that memorable session:
NT” (E.Pérez)
Fissures” (C.Gysler)
Mountain Walk” (E.Pérez)
Houla Hoop” (E.Pérez)

AMR — association for the encouragement of improvised music

organises each year a summer festival in the “Parc des Cropettes” in Geneva, and in-house events at their “Sud des Alpes” facility all-throughout the year – samples of our recordings below.

Parc des Cropettes:
– Ernest Platini Quartet: “Divertissment en bi mémol
– Ernest Platini Quartet: “D’être velus
– Ernest Platini Quartet: “Désastre magique

Sud des Alpes:     Comme au studio — —  back story on our AMR post
– Le Grupetto — “Schnik, Schnak, Schnuk”  .
– Le Grupetto — “La joie explose partout

Sud des Alpes:    Jazz quartet “Quantact “— Saturday public concert, November 2018.

Recording by marcomathieumedia as in a studio, audio mix by the group.

Quantact’s selection for presentation:
Cachaos” — “Survenir” — “At Home” — “875” – compositions by bassist Cédric Gysler.

Jackson Wahengo:

a big thanks for allowing us to follow Jackson and his band around Geneva (2010-2015) with our cameras to open air concerts and house gigs. See our Jackson post and hear his music.

and a brief look at a new group for us – Pascal Danet with his organ quartet here employing the Nord C2D Hammond B3 emulator with a real Leslie – at the AMR festival aux Cropettes 2019. More video and details on this post.

and a retro (2011) look at the Daniel Hunter trio with Guillaume Perret on sax.