No more car – change of life

After many years of car ownership, and of driving everywhere for everything, our fourth BMW finally gave up under pressure of an ailing catalyser — a decision was taken not to replace it.
Aged 18 years and with 300,000 kms on the clock, it was sold for CHF 300.- (the buyer wanted the engine, or so he said) thus avoiding us any scrapping costs or towing to the demolition yard – he sent a transporter as can be seen here in the video. Continue reading

Swiss Railways (2)

The Rhätische Bahn (Rhaetian Railways) is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage and comprises an incredible number of amazing tunnels, bridges, viaducts and earthworks. Probably the most iconic is the Landwasser Viaduct – a short hike from the Filisur station. Here are photos and video of three trains traversing. Next phase of this project is to use aerial photography from a quad-copter. Continue reading

Swiss Railways (1)

Over several years of visiting central and Eastern Switzerland – we have captured images from the home of the Rhätische Bahn and many other iconic regional railways.
Most recently from Landquart (a Rhätische/main line exchange station before Chur on the mainline from Zurich), and previously from Trin, Chur, Obergesteln, Oberwald, Realp, and Lauterbrunnen. Continue reading

Transport perspectives (6) Brocken steam

As part of a 2017 “kultour” in the land of Martin Luther, we ventured westwards to the Brocken (Brocken mountain) which is a steam train lover’s paradise. It was decided not to ride any of the trains but to film them from the road and two stations (Drei Annen Hohne and Schierke). This post features our short yet intense proximity to this wonderfully restored network. Continue reading

Auto Salon Trends 2017

In 2014 & 2015 we published Geneva Auto Salon documentaries in the form of “following our visitor” who is looking (but not too urgently) to replace his Volvo. In 2017 we set out to repeat the exercise, but rapid technical changes within the auto industry have motivated us to do more.  So we offer four separately themed videos.  Go here to start the video tour or      Continue reading