No more car – change of life

After many years of car ownership, and of driving everywhere for everything, our fourth BMW finally gave up under pressure of an ailing catalyser — a decision was taken not to replace it.
Aged 18 years and with 300,000 kms on the clock, it was sold for CHF 300.- (the buyer wanted the engine, or so he said) thus avoiding us any scrapping costs or towing to the demolition yard – he sent a transporter as can be seen here in the video. Continue reading

Swiss Railways (2)

The Rhätische Bahn (Rhaetian Railways) is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage and comprises an incredible number of amazing tunnels, bridges, viaducts and earthworks. Probably the most iconic is the Landwasser Viaduct – a short hike from the Filisur station.

Here are photos and video of three trains traversing. Next phase of this project is to use aerial photography from a quad-copter. Continue reading

Swiss Railways (1)

Over several years of visiting central and Eastern Switzerland – we have captured images from the home of the Rhätische Bahn and many other iconic regional railways.
Most recently from Landquart (a Rhätische/main line exchange station before Chur on the mainline from Zurich), and previously from Trin, Chur, Obergesteln, Oberwald, Realp, and Lauterbrunnen. Continue reading