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There is already a blog post about the excellent work of Joël Dicker.

We are introducing the ultimate back story of Marco Mathieu, co-conspirator of marcomathieumedia. By the nature of some posts on this site (regular gay pride videos for example) it will not be a surprise that Marco is gay. However, ‘coming out’ is not an event, it is an internal struggle to come to acceptance and then a whole long period of learning to live anew, with oneself, with others both gay and straight, within our social structure close to us, and a whole world of prejudgements and prejudices.



It has taken several years to overcome the traumas and to calmly reflect and write. The initial intention was to publish in physical book form; but now realize that an on-line version is easier to organize and to distribute.

Marco’s story is one that needs to be told and we thank those who have given us the encouragement and motivation to finalize it.

The on-line book, along with its title, is copyright © by marcomathieumedia. It is written as a work of fiction and commentary, yet of course based on Marco’s experiences and realities.