Video creation – process & terminology


Generic Process Diagram

Tech talk:
As with most processes, we can define a “beginning” and an “end” but remembering that later or earlier steps can be included to expand the scope of the process.

In this video-making example we begin with  “Capture” — taking a photo, recording audio, filming. No amount of post-production correction can replace having good original material so, there is a whole preparation stage prior to that – what, where and how will we record? How many cameras? How many, and what kind of, microphones are required?

We end our process description with having the video viewable on-line in an attractive and added-value way — “Valorization“.  Yet the process could continue to include gathering viewing statistics, doing monetization, or making surveys and eventually producing updates or follow-on productions.

Click images for details of our eight process steps technical process steps are shown in GOLD more creative steps in MAGENTA



At this step source material is saved.



At this step the final video is ready.



At this step the final video is presented.