Transport perspectives (5)

Analog video example (2) from our digital archive project — the Vallée de Joux steam train — filmed in 1992 on Sony Hi8 analog tape – one of the earliest of our movies to be converted to DVD and now digitally archived and on-line.

Our first on-line version was edited using ‘Pinnacle’ on a PC with default export in .mpg format.

Our second version edited specially for this post comprises most of the original footage from the day – edited from the DVD file with Adobe Premiere and output in .mp4 (SD)

The Vallée de Joux steam train activity now has two steam locomotives and more rolling stock (they also have two diesel/electric shunters (“tracteurs”).
Here below: a local TV report from 13Sep2015: (in French)

Complete program and more information, and the video report in higher resolution, on the website of the “Compagnie du Train à Vapeur de la Vallée de Joux” Also lots of great photos on their FaceBook page.