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Presenting the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) alongside the HP2116, our HP9825 with our own designed and built P82.
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INDEX:  — navigate the whole project from here. The project examines two 1969 computers – the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and the HP2116  – plus our own P82 development, aided by the HP9825. In post 12 we add 2001 space odyssey to show the imaginary alongside the reality. The ISS – International Space Station – adds a reality check to the 2001 odyssey.

Post (1):   50 years after

Post (2):   Overview links — [project overview] [product overview]

Post (3):  Comparisons —  full page comparisons view

Post (4):  INDEX – credits – links to the AGC revival and ending with Sotheby’s sale.

Post (5):  DSKY of the – Apollo  Guidance Computer (AGC)

Post (6):  RAM and ROM memory techy stuff — Details: core memory & core rope

Post (7):  P82  mechanical build — earlier P82 post under ‘digital archiving’

Post (8):  P8240 years revival (a) — From Apollo to P82 . . . history & journey

Post (9):  P82 – 40 years revival (b) — Reviving some of the original room elements

Post (10) P82 – 40 years revival (c) — P82 back to life . . . many techy details.

Post (11)  P82 – remote circuits (d) — Railway: free-standing or automatic with 9825

Post (12) Parallel projects – reality and imaginary — Kubrick’s 2001 space odyssey

AGC photos and information are from NASA, MIT, Wikimedia, or screenshots from YouTube videos.

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That note in the top corner along with the media cuttings was written as the first moon step was taken: Monday morning, July 21st 1969 at 3:56:20 seconds (!) a.m. BST (British Summer Time). Transmission was being audio recorded via a microphone in front of the TV !!

[Media side note: the 80 page special issue publication contained 11 full page colour adverts for alcohol and seven for cigarettes.]

The most amazing series is from “CuriousMarc” with a very talented team re-building a complete operating AGC complete with DSKY ready for the 50th year moon landing anniversary of June 2019. There are about 26 episodes, the first three are listed below [I leave full web addresses visible] selected parts of their process are embedded in our project posts.

Digital Poetry: physical inspection

LivingSpace — John Gould

samtec blog


Light Years Ahead | The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer
MIT Science Reporter—”Computer for Apollo” (1965)
(shows the welding of the ICs to the pins and back-plane wire-wrap and much more.)

34C3 – The Ultimate Apollo Guidance Computer Talk

MIT archive document 1972



Part2 Nov2018


Culmination of the incredible work done by the team on one long-lost AGC has been the sale of it for US$ 746,000. Sothebys link:

A most wonderful video of the story we have been following is on this Wall Street Journal link

Direct link to the WSJ video

Technical blog (Ken Shirriff’s blog) – core “rope” memory

Photos of the HP 2116 computer are from the HP Australian Computer museum and annotation by us as we know the machine very well:

2116A March 1967 hp journal — pdf:

Images of the P82 project are of course all from our own stock !  Also taken specially as the machine remains here and in good shape.

Information on the 9825 computer.
Photos are ours because we have the 9825 with plug-in 16-bit interface and full documentation – right here!

Photo of HP85: