P82 – 40 years revival (b)

(9) Reviving some of the original room elements.
When the Apollo Guidance Computer was reconstructed and brought to life again, there was no spaceship, no moon lander, nor booster rockets!
Similarly, we have neither the magnificent model railway, nor the cinema curtain and projection screen. But we do have working projectors and Leslie rotating speaker, plus we are managing to recuperate (and repair) some of the remote electronics required for P82 to operate them.
With every piece we can salvage we are just so pleased that P82 is being revived (40 years, imagine!)

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Revival of the controlled elements — the projectors.

Remote two projector control logic — for forward slide change, carousel zeroing, and transfer of focus control. [connection of projectors to P82 via the “Proj. AB/CD remote circuits connectors].

We made it — the projectors are responding to all control signals read by P82 from an original audio tape. A new video to pass on the excitement — and this version includes a “reconstructed” attic room based on a 1982 photograph of the room and later images of the screen and spot lights.

Revival of the controlled elements — the rotating ‘Leslie’ loudspeaker.

With cables re-connected P82 is in control again.

Hammond and Leslie
An example of direct control is the “Leslie” rotating loudspeaker connected to the Hammond organ.
Tape tracks 1&3 carry stereo sound, tracks 2&4 have control signals for anything that the P82 has access to. Adding Leslie movement to organ recordings to spice up the room environment was part of the original design with six dedicated instructions

The remote circuit for Leslie control permitted playback from the Hammond B3 or from tape via the P82, powering the Leslie independently or from the B3. It allowed also recording the B3 audio and control signals with no cable changes (remote connector R2).

Leslie cable intercepted.

Playback functionality has been restored in a simplified form for our revival.

Revival of the controlled elements — screen, curtain, lights.

We will not be re-installing screen, cinema curtain, colored spotlights. However image recreations are integrated into our video, to bring back the ambience — total nostalgia (!) [Original connections by R1 connector.]

Room atmosphere lights are working, that was easy via A1 220v connector. .

Revival of the audio control tapes for 1980’s “shows”.

After a fast re-wind of the tape, we made a digital audio copy on our Zoom F8.

It was thus safe to use the original version to operate the recorded “shows” — perfect!

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