Apollo-P82 (1) 50 years after

New project: 1960’s computer logic. —

[index] We are sharing experience with the HP 2116 computer and making comparisons with the Apollo moon landing computer for which there is now copious information available through NASA and MIT documents, YouTube videos and books. This series also dives deeper into one of our own projects from 1982 using some similar logic and build techniques. An overview for which was already posted in 2016.

For the Apollo moon landing computer, here is an intriguing introduction — how the Apollo 11 astronauts and the AGC made the first moon landing, a bit techy but fun as well.

And then, for those with a insatiable appetite for the full story and the details of the AGC itself, this 2020 book will keep you quiet the whole winter. (:-)

It can be bought on-line or downloaded from the supplier. Full of information, nice writing style, good explanation of concepts for non-computer-oriented readers.

The book can be searched by key word or ordered here:

For the HP2116 story, which was not kept secret for years like the AGC, here are the original technical details from the HP technical journal of March 1967, (official year of introduction):


and volume one of the manual.


Our own P82 project, using 70’s-80’s technology and HP equipment to help us, has never been shrouded in secrecy but has been constructed using our intimate knowledge and experience with 2116 series and those models that followed afterwards.  We are making public all of the technical, design, construction and operational information which exists. Let’s say it is all part of our digital archiving activity, in this case documenting on-line, scanning all hand written texts and hand drawn diagrams.

Note the absence of reaction to the now famous words as the first step was taken !

History film of the entire Apollo program — to Apollo 17 in December 1972.