Revamp the ramp (10)

Rise & fall (10) — major ramp updates

The initial ramp model was our first experience in modeling. With lessons learned from the stairway model, there are now a number of improvements implemented — so “re-vamping the ramp” !

Firstly we have reduced friction and enabled a smoother rise without recourse to video editing. Secondly, there was an inevitable gap between entry pathway and the ramp due to our flawed design in placing of the raising pulleys which are now moved backwards under the ramp itself.

We were initially hesitant to show details of the ramp construction as it uses off-the-shelf parts to get the job done – most of which are hidden below the surface and not planned to be visible on film. However, in our series about the models themselves it now seems reasonable to expose the reality (!)


We give examples of ramp integration into videos, our latest one shows a carpet of flowers moving in the wind as the ramp descends:


Last scene rises from an eerie lighting under the ramp to strange figures and fireworks.


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