Vevey Arena project overview

La Fête des Vignerons — an “intangible cultural heritage” (as recognized by UNESCO)

Once a generation since 1797 on the ‘Place du Marché’ in Vevey. Most recent: 1955, 1977, 1999, & 2019

Complete history on the site of the Confrérie des Vignerons.

2019 edition . . . a 20,000 seat stadium constructed for
20 performances. 5500 voluntary ‘figurants’
for whom the costume budget is CHF12m
Total budget just over CHF 100m, about double that of 1999. It is known that the project has ended with a serious financial deficit, but let’s not lose track of the magnificent accomplishments of this gigantic undertaking; and to the incredible heart & soul investment of thousands of unpaid actors, musicians, choristers, and other volunteers.

Photo: © luca-carmagnola/Fête-des-Vignerons

Photo: © Samuel-Rubio/Fête-des-Vignerons

Rise and fall of the Vevey arena  —  a documentary in motion.

Join in the development of our documentary.   PostsTimelines.

Dedicated technology pages

Tech 1. sound & video
Tech 2. main LED stage ramp
Tech 3. raising stairways
Tech 4. overhead cables

1:30 scale model construction & integration

Model 1. mainstage ramp  (completed Apr2020)   ramp integrationcool mask
Model 2. raising stairway  (completed Apr2021)   stairway integrationcool raise

Video segments – “above the surface”

Panel one (1) is of the ambience in Vevey, around the arena, during Thurgovie and Appenzeler days. It serves also as a teaser for some of the arena’s technical aspects which are forming the major focus of the developing documentary. Panel 2 (2) Arena visit with a just a bit behind the scenes to describe some elements of the arena’s technology. In panel 3 (3), our central stage ramp model gets integrated into an otherwise “live” video of the arena. Panel 4 (4) video shows taking down of one of the eight 30 meter high sound masts. Panel 5 (5) is a place-holder for more arena deconstruction. The sixth video (6) tracks removal of the lake piles and the deconstruction of the lake walkway and the “Terrasses de la Confrérie” which the pillars supported.

Video segments – “beneath the surface”

Panel seven (7) of this series introduces going “beneath the surface” through images of arena deconstruction and photography using models. Panel 8 (8) shows construction and integration progress (March2021) on our raising stairway model. Panel 9 (9) is our finalised (April2021) presentation of construction and integration of the completed 1:30 scale model. (Alex9)receives a different narrator — Alex is an Apple synthesized voice. Panel 10 (10) reveals a revamp of the ramp model with working details. Panel 11 (11) Placing 120 steps on the stairway.

Video segments – “outfitting”

First row of panels: “cool jazz“, “cool flower carpet“, and “Green arena“.
Second row: 3 very short clips — descending flower ramp , ramp graphic, and result of complex masking.

Models: main RAMP, STAIRWAY
Integration: main RAMP, STAIRWAY
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Video segment numbers 1-15 correspond to those on the veveyarena post structure.  Embedded videos are viewable there in larger size or link to original on Vimeo.