Vevey Arena project

La Fête des Vignerons — an “intangible cultural heritage” (as recognized by UNESCO)

Once a generation since 1797 on the ‘Place du Marché’ in Vevey. Most recent: 1955, 1977, 1999, & 2019

Complete history on the site of the Confrérie des Vignerons.

Arena Vevey

. . . a 20,000 seat stadium constructed for
20 performances. 5500 voluntary ‘figurants’
for whom the costume budget is CHF12m
Total budget just over CHF 100m, about double that of 1999. It is known that the project has ended with a serious financial deficit, but let’s not lose track of the magnificent accomplishments of this gigantic undertaking; and to the incredible heart & soul investment of thousands of unpaid actors, musicians, choristers, and other volunteers. Photo: © luca-carmagnola/Fête-des-Vignerons

Rise and fall of the Vevey arena  —  a documentary in motion

Technology, construction, installation, and dis-assembly October 2018 to end of 2019. Join in the development of our documentary.   Posts here.

Dedicated technology pages

Tech 1. sound & video
Tech 2. main LED stage ramp
Tech 3. raising stairways
Tech 4. overhead cables

Behind-the-scenes 1:30 scale model construction

Model 1. ramp  (completed)
Model 2. raising stairway  (construction progress).

TIMELINE – click for larger version, click again for even larger image.


This first pass includes ambiance around the arena in Vevey during Thurgovie and Appenzeler days, as well as a teaser for some of the arena’s technical aspects. It is these technical aspects which are forming the major focus of the developing documentary.

After the show is over [aug2019], the whole arena must be dismantled before mid-October to allow the circus to come again (exception is the wooden construction over the lake and the removal of the 260 wooden piles which support it). Here, taking down of one of the eight 30 meter high sound masts.

the main arena area was cleared on schedule,  just four sound mast tower tops remaining to greet the incoming circus!  Photos from October 2019.

Video below ends in December – the wooden structure and its platform over the lake is disappearing steadily, revealing the wooden piles which were removed as planned before the year end.

One aid to our documentary video is a fully working 1:30 scale model of the arena ramp – a true “rise and fall” element of the arena main stage. Here is a first integration of the model: view from the south end of the LED floor.

Models: main RAMP, STAIRWAY
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