Arena models (1) – main stage ramp

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The main stage ramp is an integral part of the 800m2 LED floor which can be raised and lowered to allow entry of performers from “below ground”; the most memorable scene is of 200 soldiers of the ‘Cent-suisses’ regiment marching up in formation. See the main project page for a short video taken during the show, and how we have integrated the ramp model into our videos.


Our model is of the LED floor, not the complete stage – at a scale of 1:30 the model is 150 cm x 60 cm. The original ramp is raised and lowered by pneumatic pistons which have been replaced in the model by a single electric motor and cord drum which pulls two cords through a double pulley reduction system. The model corresponds to the ‘above ground‘ and ‘below ground within a lined pit‘, as in the prototype.


The ramp is seen only as a completed model in our videos, so no attempt has been made to replicate the original construction ‘below the surface’. Thus, we make no apologies for using readily-available ‘meccano’ parts such as girders, gears, and pulleys. Still, the scale of the pit and ramp structure is correct, with the motor and mechanism being contained within it.






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