53rd Montreux Jazz

‘House of Jazz’ — 2019 is the 53rd year of Montreux Jazz Festval
We missed what by all accounts was a wonderful show by  Jacob Collier and his band in the Montreux Jazz Lab (ex-Miles Davis Hall, capacity 2000) – so plan “B” to attend his workshop two days afterwards has now been realized.

ChickCoreaImageWe have been following Jacob Collier around for some time on-line – this is his 4th year at Montreux (prodigy of Quincy Jones), two Grammy arrangement awards, invited to lead a one week program at MIT, one-man-show world tour, and so much more. . . .

Chick Corea is on our end of the age spectrum and a grand long-time favorite; we remember fondly Chick’s previous concerts and Mozart Project performed at Montreux some years ago. This year he is with his ‘Spanish Heart Band’.

So we enjoy the Montreux atmosphere once more (no chalet visit or other special privileges this year) and focus our concert experiences on the outside presentations and on those within the ‘House of Jazz’.

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