52nd Montreux 2018

Now a pretty much annual visit to Montreux during the jazz festival week – and this year a special treat of a concert ticket for the Brad Mehldau trio with Brad (piano), Larry Grenadier (bass), Jeff Ballard (drums).
And for the first time we experience the move from the Jazz Club (limited to 300 places) in the main convention center to a new 600 seat venue in ‘La Coupole’ which is named ‘The House of Jazz’ during the festival. They have tried to maintain the ‘intimate’ environment while hopefully limiting ticket prices. See the outside and inside of the new space in our video. A more in-depth video (in French) has been made by the Swiss TV and is available here on the RTS website (at least to viewers in Switzerland).
The Brad Mehldau trio concert was outstanding and was definitely a must see. His style, composition, incredibly complex improvisation, and choice of music has influenced many a pianist – and inspired certainly one we know in Geneva.

Faraj Suleiman – First Night | Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 First Night in the new venue (Montreux Jazz Festival official video on YouTube):-


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