Mountain Walk‘ (E.Peréz)
Third video of our studio recording session June 2017

Raphael Nick (dr), Evaristo Pérez (p) and Cédric Gysler (b) 
play quite nonchalantly with modern jazz sounds and tones. 
Free and relaxed, their improvisations are inspired by the musicality of 
EST, Brad Mehldau and Enrico Pieranunzi. 
They like with happiness to share musical ideas and rhythmical counterpoint.

marcomathieumedia had the privilege to studio record the trio at the Conservatoire Populaire de Genève in June 2017. We used the concert room for the second time that year – an acoustically and visually perfect space. We are grateful, not only to the trio but to the lighting specialist who created a professional “look” for our cameras to capture.