Piano transitions 3

– tried hard to not go there – however: – we will use MIDI files and we will record our own MIDI files, and we do want to make recordings with 2-3 instruments – so a DAW is necessary.
No escape!

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We look for a cheap or free solution:
‘Garage band’ (free inside the Mac) is inadequate – no evident VST integration nor allowing export of a MIDI file without an unofficial work-around.
Upgrading to Apple’s ‘‘Logic’‘ is a solution (we had emagic’s ‘logic’ prior to Apple buying it in 2002), but this is an overkill as full versions of such software now have huge functionality with commensurate price tags ($600.- for ProTools) or require a monthly subscription.
So, next we installed the free version of AVID’s “‘ProTools’”, only to discover it doesn’t accept plug-in instruments which were not purchased from the AVID store and thus will not recognise our pianos.
Last we went full circle back to ‘Cubase’ with their completely free version (‘LE’) which is proving completely adequate for our purpose [click for large images].

Physically, our keyboard space is changing:

Follow the conversion progress. . (0) — (1) — (2) — (3)— (4)