Joël Dicker (2)

Joël Dicker’s 2020 novel “L’énigme de la chambre 622” was due out in March 2020, but all dedications and the release were postponed. New release date:  27th May 2020 but Geneva dedications will have to wait.JoëlDickerNewBook


Today we bought our copy in Geneva railway station, fed up with waiting around, assured by the bookshop that dedications will take place in the autumn and that Joël will dedicate an already bought and read copy !!


We finished the book, what an experience! Joël has surpassed himself – not only with his intrigue and engaging style of changing time periods throughout the story. Joël keeps us on the edge right to the very last pages with a mind-boggling crescendo and ever-increasing pace. It is normal for a ‘who done it’ to keep us alert until the last; Joël goes further by not even letting on for most of the book as to who has been killed – a double edge. And there is more, but that would be telling too much !

Then, there is the wonderful way in which he self incorporates as the narrator and as one character. Plus an inter-twined eulogy on his recently deceased publisher – not too much to disturb a new Dicker reader, yet enough for us Joël addicts to really feel for such a magnificent relationship and respect for a great man.

It seems language and style is ever more rich and subtle which provides beauty to the plot and further learning for us non-French mother tongue readers!  Just when you thought this author could no longer surprise, be prepared to re-calibrate.

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