Joël Dicker, Xavier Oberson, Frédéric Babey

Our musical video recording moments emerge mostly through casual contact, word-of-mouth and energetically latching onto an opportunity —  especially true for jazz groups.  It is also a privilege to learn about connections that surprise — as in this seemingly improbable link between Frédéric Babey (photo below as pianist of the group “Namdrol” during a recording session)  Joël Dicker and Xavier Oberson. The bottom line is that Joël, before becoming famous as a writer, studied law at Geneva University, where Xavier is a law professor. Xavier studied Oboe before moving to the electric guitar and started a group “Out of Law“.  Joël became a drummer.   They first played together in 2015, and in 2016 set in motion the “Latin Wood” project with Fred Babey as pianist. Article here on Xavier’s website.

‘Namdrol’ with Fred Babey on piano.GroupGrab1