Salon de l’auto 2020

2020, the 90th edition is cancelled
A new federal decision to ban events of more than 1000 people (because of the Corona virus) has meant the cancellation of the Geneva auto show – the ban ends on the very day the show was planned to end, March 15.
The Auto Salon is the largest event in Geneva (estimated 600,000 visitors over 10 days) – is cancelled for good reasons – high risk environment for mass infection and certainly for those who would have had close, face-to-face, interaction with visitors from all over the world. Yet this decision will have immediate major economic and perhaps even long-term image repercussions for the state of Geneva and its privileged reputation for the auto salon built up over decades. To say the least, it is a humbling call. But as we now know, just the beginning of a long health and economic tragedy .

2020 emphasis of the show was on technology – we were looking forward to the ride.
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