Gland recording studio

Yes, it is true – or rather was true


– in addition to marcomathieumedia’s humble space, Gland hosted one of the best equipped and largest (580 m2) recording studios outside of the US. It has since gone out of business (a mastering studio maintains a presence within a part of the building). Here are some images taken from the FaceBook pages of the studio and links to related websites. The Gland studio suffered the major decline of the disc and recording business, but perhaps also because Phil Collins reportedly moved significant activity from Gland to the USA.
YouTube video from 2007:

PDF of this Dinemec Studios brochure

Articles about the studio’s decline and closure:
1. La Cote, 2014 (French)
2. 24 heures, 2014 (French)
And the current website of Paul Sutin productions, founder of the Dinemec studios. (English).


The name “Legend studios” remains at the site and is the new (2018) name for the Performing Arts Foundation founded as the Dinemec Performing Arts Foundation in 2009 (source: commercial register). Let us hope that the foundation’s good work there can continue.


In 2021 the studio building remains but surrounded by apartment building projects. Right next door is the “Genesis” project — no hiding the most famous links of this iconic studio!

2022 complete surprise as Denner moves in to the building, main shop is in the largest sound studio. remains in the section closest to the street.