Website development (4)

We have developed two totally free websites within the marcomathieumedia WordPress account. The first was for the association “temoignerensemble” and the most recent is “Hosannapilgrimsongs” – a site developed in harmony with the editor and publisher of an ecumenical song book at the World Council of Churches.


This has been a fascinating and rewarding project – including of course video recording many of the songs cataloged and presented in the book and on the site. The web link is provided in the physical book so that users can hear one or more versions of the compositions presented there.

The theme used is Twenty thirteen – a simple, clean design.

Our development is deliberately not complicated, but nevertheless with a dynamic side bar, active 3-section bottom panel, and extensive integration of photos, videos and audio.

Hosannapilgrimsongs” is migrating to be integrated into the WCC website concept, with operational ownership managed by the WCC organisation.
It will be known and accessible under the name of “
Initially, is being linked directly to the original website,

marcomathieumedia, 12th May, 2016