2017 – comment(2)

France – oooff . . . . .    .

Thank God for some sense among the majority of French voters to have avoided a major blow to Europe and to Democracy – but now it is time to forge ahead with reforms of the EU and to convince National Front voters (and potential voters) that Macron’s France will benefit from openness, cooperation, and being a full and leading member of the Union. There is breathing space now but it will not last long – there is work to be done in France and in the institutions of the EU. Too many close calls in the world to think that the status quo can continue. The year of the rooster – the wake-up call – must not be ignored.

A great message in English from the new French President:


Cyber attack / cyber warfare?

Global cyber attack – news today (13th May 2017) seems to be played down by the media but could this be the start of a cyber war – with the global nature of this attack, is it likely perpetrated or at least driven by a major power?