Key screen technique

Demonstrating key-screen application — 2023 update. A quite old technique, yet remains a staple in the film industry for small and large-scale special effects, and which can transform static single presentations to be valid across different audiences – all accomplished during post production rather than re-filming.  Examples from serious to fun.

And a study in alternative screens shows how a white screen, or even a white rough wall, can also be utilised. Part of the secret is in the lighting, but that does not need to be difficult either.

2023 new update to our masking and keying experiments.  Two methods described here to rotate wheels on a vehicle animation. One fascinating discovery for filming small scale models is the use of a computer screen instead of making a single colour physical screen. We use a legacy title background in Adobe Premiere to generate the best colour for the job. Full description of the two methods with advantages and disadvantages of each.