Organ & Pizza

In the archives we find an original tape recorded circa 1970 in California on a UHER portable machine. (4000 report-L, 7.5 “/sec, mono, half track) – Pizza & Pipes at the “Cap’ns Galley”.



UHER portable tape recorder – with Thorens/SME/Shure/Radford/Leak

One surviving image of the Uher which traveled widely –  here “at home” (1969).

Once upon a time, there was a “Pizza and Pipes” restaurant in Redwood City, California. – Thanks to the website for bringing back the visual memory to go with the sound recording.  Check out their site to learn about the origins of this mighty Wurlitzer.

web pics of the Uher recorder used in the late 1960’s for recording the Cap’ns Galley organ.