Cadet Force 3

Based at an army barracks in the UK in the mid 60’s.

Our latest Cadet Force scenario is triggered by a long-time friend in England, who lives close to the barracks. Cadet Force 3 has been regularly updated while experimenting with rotating wheels on the Jeeps, results of which are integrated into the latest version. Cadet Force 3 includes also a scenario update: secrets of The Keep“. Cadet Force 3 full version here.

As national military service came to a close around 1960 in the UK, our cadet force sometimes used the parade ground behind this impressive facade. Some of the buildings enclosing the ground have been demolished. However the central part is preserved and home to a Masonic Lodge.

We found some very small black&white 1960’s contact print images of Cadets using the parade ground.

We looked for better images of the buildings surrounding the parade ground — three have now been provided by Bryan Steele – big thank you!

Blue sky with moving clouds have helped, while we have enhanced and coloured the right hand barracks building which no longer exists.

Adobe Premiere timeline screenshot for “CadetForce3”, showing the 40 video tracks involved in the animation. For details of how we produced the cadet force “clones”, please see “CadetForce2“.

Two views of “Secrets of The Keep”, included within the latest version.