Arena activity

Santa Claus visits – hosted by the black King and Queen. — IMG_2210placesantaExperimenting has begun with finding suitable scale characters to populate the arena stages in performance. The style can be symbolic as can be seen here by some 6mm threaded trial versions; latest ones have a ‘head’ and a “footprint” which allows them to stand on the steps. Up until now the population has been uniquely taken from the chessboard.  Santa Claus will not stay as he is slightly oversize in scale and being chocolate he will be eaten soon!

Removal of one side stairway to facilitate filming
Santa Claus is decidedly over-size !
The choir prepares
These guys can stand on the stairs in full performance
film set — +side lighting — i-PhoneSE
+side lighting — Sony A7S3
i-PhoneSE video: experiment for staging and movement possibilities