Towards full frame video

Two major projects over these last 12 months are live-streaming and filming of our “Vevey arena” 1:30 model for an on-going documentary.  Particularly for the model, we are moving toward full frame sensor and interchangeable lenses — with the hope we can afford some macro glass and that incredible long macro lens which captures the eyes of a bug against a cinematic background long shot (!)

Also on the list is a slider, pan and tilt head, and a gimbal. The gimbal is here already, well before any new cinema camera, and needs to work with our existing camcorders, something neither dji nor Manfrotto speak about. The following video shows how we have successfully made it happen.

Next is the biggest decision, to go for a mirrorless camera designed for video, the Sony A7S III, or to up to a Sony FX6 which has that amazing electronic ND filter system (but no viewfinder!) Or to shift to Canon, but that would be totally new ground and it seems anyway that Sony currently has the edge on video – with dynamic range and with an incredibly good autofocus. The decision is being made without constraints of existing glass, as we have none! Yet the moment the decision is taken then the glass comes quickly.  Well, the decision is now taken.

Camera is the Sony A7S III and first glass is the Sigma Art 24-70 F2.8 with Sony E-mount. So the context, the ecosystem, is chosen.