Plateforme 10 – Part 1

A brand new building for the “Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts de Lausanne” is now open for business – first part of a greater cultural project named “Plateforme 10”. It could be no closer to the Lausanne railway station, and named appropriately to reflect such proximity to the existing nine passenger platforms.   [Plateforme 10 – Part2]

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The museum is constructed on the site of the old engine sheds and incorporates the original east wing of that historic construction.
(Aerial photo Wikipedia)

A closer image of the sheds in 2013, also the large recuperated bay window, can be found on this historical site.

From the same source – short film of demolition work.

The engine turntable is to be retained and refurbished once the temporary containers used as works offices are removed after completion of the second building.