Fête des Vignerons 2019

An “intangible cultural heritage” (as recognized by UNESCO)
Once in a generation – recent ones 1955, 1977, 1999, now 2019
Since 1797 a festivity has been held on the ‘Place du Marché’ in Vevey.
A complete history can be found on the site of the Confrérie des Vignerons de Vevey.


A 20,000 place stadium constructed for 20 performances.
5500 voluntary ‘figurants’
for whom the costume budget is CHF12m (individuals pay one third)
Total budget is close to CHF 100m, about double that of 1999.


Visit the arena:

Arena VeveyPhoto: © Samuel-Rubio/Fête-des-Vignerons

Amazing graphics to show off the arena:

This test is live:

Details of the LED floor:

Aerial views by aeroplane:

YouTube videos of the performances:
Reto Hochstrasser – quite stable during more than one hour – smooth editing – close position – this is our current Youtube recommendation – but if you have the chance, watch the pro versions which are using multiple camera techniques – as described below.

Relax days in Switzerland – a nice high position and very good quality of image but we have to find a stable part, otherwise risk getting sick – there are many parts uploaded – at least 15 – most are very shaky and all end abruptly. They have been useful for watching the official cameras in action and a few brief moments of stability have been included in our video!

Professional video capture taking place:
Watch out for the several types of official cameras being used, including:
1. Camera on overhead cables, maneuverable like a drone in 3D – it is called a “Spidercam“.

2. Walking quickly with camera on gimbal mount.

3. Man with camera – on a Segway !  In the final TV film we see how these shots are used so effectively to provide incredible fluidity of movement with excellent stability.
4. Reportedly 12 cameras including all the fixed ones and those mentioned above.
We do have a first professional public viewing – the complete show was transmitted nationally on the Swiss TV 27July – the results are outstanding!

Guess we can look forward to public offering blue-ray or UHD products using this really serious arsenal of cameras. Yet, however good the video images, we believe it will be difficult to re-create the ambience of being there.

The audio system is by Meyer Sound – main (black) speakers suspended from the eight 30-meter-high masts – with (white) proximity loudspeakers throughout the arena as well – 400 of them in total: