Fête des Vignerons 2019

An “intangible cultural heritage” (as recognized by UNESCO)

Once a generation since 1797 on the ‘Place du Marché’ in Vevey. Most recent: 1955, 1977, 1999, & 2019

Complete history on the site of the Confrérie des Vignerons.

Goal of this project is creation of a documentary about the technology of the arena  — its construction, installation, and dis-assembly over the period from October 2018 to end of 2019.

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Arena Vevey

A 20,000 place stadium constructed for 20 performances.
5500 voluntary ‘figurants’
for whom the costume budget is CHF12m
Total budget is close to CHF 100m, about double that of 1999. It is known that the project has ended with a serious financial deficit, but let’s not lose track of the magnificent accomplishments of this gigantic undertaking; and to the incredible heart & soul investment of thousands of unpaid actors, musicians, choristers, and other volunteers.   Photo: © luca-carmagnola/Fête-des-Vignerons

Go here for larger screen version of our latest feature from Vevey.

Information about the festival and its arena:

FIVE STAGES: central plus four lateral – with fluid movement between them all.
Central mechanical ramp for entry and four lateral stair sections, two which raise up for entry below.

Basic steel construction is 700 tons, plus the 30m towers which weigh an additional 300 tons .

800m2 @5000 nits (lumens/m2) – the largest LED screen ever built (at that time . . . ).
One LED every 7mm = 13 million pixels.

20,000 places 20 performances.
Cost about 12 million francs.
Construction started October 2018 – mostly gone end October 2019. More images about the complete process as we film the de-construction!


Festival budget = 100 million francs. Results show a 3% overrun and a deficit of 15 million.


5600 volunteer ‘figurants’, plus 800 choristers, and so many more.


The Fête uses the same sound supplier as the Montreux Jazz Festival – Meyer Sound.


INTERESTING: 20,000 capacity of the arena is equal to the population of Vevey – but not a first – in 1999 it was already larger than the then 14,000 size of the town. This year, the EPFL have made studies and recommendations for the future event in 2039.