2018-comment (1)

2018 begins with knowing that the world continues to suffer the most incredible president and administration in living memory.  Incredible that the man was elected – incredible that he has lasted a year – incredible how he communicates, shows ignorance of history and is insensitive to vast groups of people, and indeed to the state of the planet. It is difficult to find an angle of his actions which does not undermine respect of peoples, work accomplished across the world, or even agencies and institutions of his own country.  None of us necessarily agree with every move a democratically-elected president or administration makes – but I think we all can accept moves we might not agree with when there is a general level of confidence and predictability in those making them.  This is hardly the case with what the US administration is serving these last months.

Many of us would like to re-find confidence in the US — a post-war reference in the world’s financial and commercial realm — keeper of the democratic flame of the free world — recognized mediation partner for major conflicts— and more.  Yet all of that has gone out of the window within a few months by the work of one incompetent and very dangerous man.  Not that everything was perfect before, but now the scene represents a veritable (even if  figurative) war-zone, where reconstruction time will be a good deal longer than Mr. Trump’s promised emphasis on infrastructure can ever support.

Our top list of President Trump’s incredulous actions:

1. Playing with fire with N. Korea
2. Back-tracking in Iran and stirring up activism via social media.
3. Ignoring history and sensitivities by declaration on Jerusalem as capital of Israel.
4. Tax cuts to increase the wealth divide even more, and to add more trillions to the national debt.
5. Removing internal regulations for pollution (thankful there are many states with their own programs).
6. Not “believing” in global warming like an atheist not believing in God — so
7. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
8. Encouraging non-clean energy sources — removing programs or funding for clean energy alternatives — fortunately we have others in the world who will take a leadership role.
9. Giving in to commercializing internet access — removing rules for internet equality.
10. Indiscriminate immigration control of selected peoples.
11. Reducing or eliminating anti-discrimination laws, making it easier for racism, homophobic acts, etc to go un-examined and unsanctioned.
12. We removed “building the wall”, as we “don’t believe” he will do it and certainly not without tax-payer money, and after the cuts and a few very expensive storms (climate change?!) there is even less tax money available.

What we dislike most, is that we spent our whole comment here on just one man – but it’s really not, it’s about a whole political system which permitted that one unqualified man be there.   Also, we have to realize that 2017 has been altogether a year of surprises and disquieting shifts in the political arena across the world, so maybe – just maybe –  Mr. Trump’s election success should not be considered so outrageous – but his actions certainly are.