L’Opéra des Nations (1)

marcomathieumedia is as fascinated by technique back-stage as by the performance itself – each decent production involves so much. And behind the ‘stage’ are other back stories – the lives of the artists, composers, creators and authors – but also of the very performance infrastructure itself.

Since 2015, on way to recording sessions at the UN, our tram passes the “Opéra des Nations”, first as a construction site and later as the home for 2.5 seasons of the Grand Thèâtre de Genève, Geneva’s opera house.

The ‘Grand Théâtre’ official website has posted this documentary of how the temporary home came into being while the main Opera House is undergoing incredible renovations. Fascinating is the story, the construction, the time-lapse photography, and the artistic creativity of the video – a complete opera in itself.

In the meantime, and for 2.5 seasons, the original Grand Théâtre de Genève is under wraps !

For the Fêtes de la Musique 2018, the Opéra des Nations opened its ballet rehearsals to the public – so we were there to witness.
. . . and the Opéra des Nations has served as a backdrop to a passing performance of Faust’s “Air des Bijoux”: