No more car – change of life

After many years of car ownership, and of driving everywhere for everything, our fourth BMW finally gave up under pressure of an ailing catalyser — a decision was taken not to replace it.
Aged 18 years and with 300,000 kms on the clock, it was sold for CHF 300.- (the buyer wanted the engine, or so he said) thus avoiding us any scrapping costs or towing to the demolition yard – he sent a transporter as can be seen here in the video.

With a majority of social and work-life in the city, public transport (train mostly) had in any case taken preference most of the time – the car was being driven less and less. Clearly these circumstances made the transition just that much easier.

That imposed separation and the decision not to replace happened in 2009.
With rare exceptions (notably when weather is bad and we have equipment to carry) our new situation has proven to be less stressful and far less costly than car ownership.
So, no regrets — rather profiting from the unavoidable walking exercise to and from the railway station – and benefits of no more parking issues, nor traffic congestion.

So refreshing.

Music in the film  by Philippe Koller and the "COWBOWS", Geneva.