Swiss Railways (1)

Over several years of visiting central and Eastern Switzerland – we have captured images from the home of the Rhätische Bahn and many other iconic regional railways.
Most recently from Landquart (a Rhätische/main line exchange station before Chur on the mainline from Zurich), and previously from Trin, Chur, Obergesteln, Oberwald, Realp, and Lauterbrunnen.
Included in this collection is the Rhätische Bahn, matterhorn gotthard bahn, Berner Oberland-bahn, Wengernalpbahn, Jungfraubahn (images captured 2012-2017).


Our next Swiss railways goal is to spend a dedicated filming session of a day or two to capture trains on more of the stone bridges and incredible earth-works which have made the Rhätische Bahn possible and, along with the bright red livery of the locomotives and rolling stock, to become a national icon.