Website development (3)

In February 2016, we developed a new website for the 250th anniversary of the Lutheran Church building – a listed structure, protected as part of Geneva’s patrimonial heritage.
The goal was to showcase the building itself, to bring out its remarkable history, to announce events throughout the year, and to present recordings (photos, videos, articles, press, etc).

The site was to be tri-lingual (French, German, English) and to make space for large high resolution photos, slide shows and video presentations in high definition (including some in 4k). Visually, the site is bright and spacious. It has received good feedback and is a pleasure for showcasing photos and videos.

We chose the ‘Sequential‘ theme which provides full width possibilities – or a reasonable width along with a large right side bar – and custom lower area. Text font was chosen to be a bit ‘middle-ages’ (!) as a contrast to the bright and open visual impression. You can see it at

Now the 250th anniversary year is over, the site is being extended to cover 300 years of this particular church, 250 years of the building, and 500 years of the Reformation. The site features joint activities of the parishes, local and European Reformation commemoration events.


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