Post tonewheel – Concorde

Technical and musical – pictures and performances

The web is saturated with Hammond B3 recordings, but not of Concorde – it  wasn’t really  a successful instrument – an attempt by Hammond to maintain their famous B-3 sound in a non-tone wheel model – a failed attempt really – expensive, heavy, and disappointing for true Hammond addicts – despite some nice additional bells and whistles.

Ebb Tide — Once upon a Time in the West (x2) — Raindrops keep falling on my head — Mozart: petite musique de nuit. Practice tunes from a slow learner, 1980.

We paid close to CHF 30,000.- including a series 700 Leslie.  The Leslie is still here (and working with the B-3), the Concorde was given away and later broken up for scrap during the 1980’s – so sad! The organ had a mains frequency hum right from the beginning, which could never be fixed, and the internal rotating speaker was mechanically noisy – some of that can be heard before Dean begins playing on this otherwise good recording of Concorde – Dean Rosko with “White Silver Sands”.
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Mike Reed plays a Hammond ‘Grandee’ – layout is similar except lacking the reverse color keys for draw-bar presets selection. Following that is an ‘Elegante’ which has the reverse presets, a different rhythm section and a row of presets or ‘pistons’ between the keyboards – an evolution of Concorde – the sound is familiar.