Science & Faith

This project emanates from Saint Andrews.  We have been involved through Ian Manson, Pastor of the Scottish Church in Geneva.  Four sessions were recorded, one per month from February to May 2015, with Ian as the moderator, and with four panelists each session – two from the perspective of Science and two from the perspective of Faith.

Following each panel presentation (around questions proposed by Ian Manson), the gathered participants were asked to discuss for 30 minutes and to provide feedback from their table groups.

We have video recorded all of these sessions – a rich store of discussion and debate.   They join the much wider project of Saint Andrews – the following website contains more information and links to other Science and Faith sessions.

Update January 2017:
We have now created short edited versions of the four presentations exposing a cross sample of the key elements from each session. These were published on a revived ‘’ website. They are also available here.

Update September 2017:
The dedicated (Wix) site is being migrated and integrated with the website of the Scottish Church in Geneva.  We have made our own version pending the fate of the site.

Update December 2017:
The dedicated (Wix) site is now disconnected  We keep our own version – unsure of the Scottish Church final solution.