S&FbannerThe Science&Faith project (2015) Wix website will be merged with the website of the Scottish Church in Geneva – so here we maintain images and content of that dedicated site as a back-up. This has been significant project for the organizers, the panelists, and video and web work, so we hope to see it built upon in the future – within the broader framework of an incredible amount of material available through the links shown in the sidebar.
Panelists of the four sessions (one session per month – Feb, Mar, Apr, May, 2015):

The project:  What? and Why?  .  .  The project: an Introduction: four sessions, four key topics:

Full panel presentation – sessions 1-4  Audio

Table discussions+Q&A – sessions 1-4 Audio

Short versions panel presentations – session 1, 2, 3, 4 Video