Thematic- ‘Our Father’

Please see our 2009 blog for the origins of this thematic “window” project.

In 2012, the team’s original designer had left Geneva – Edwin Hassink was then contacted to create a special graphic work based on text of the Lord’s Prayer, in many languages. Edwin had already gifted numerous graphic designs for the church and for this new work he continued to build on a black-and-white model which he had made some years earlier.OurFatherB&Wcross

elcg_OurFather_crossPoster_PRODhrVery high resolution originals were used to produce one very large tableau printed on fabric, backed and framed to adorn the church sanctuary.

Edwin also designed three accompanying images to complete the “up-the-hill” poster series on the outside of the building, and to be used in an associated video clip.

elcg_OurFather_window01PROD  elcg_OurFather_window02PROD  elcg_OurFather_window03PROD
(all images copyright © Edwin Hassink)